Ken worked in Little Rock for large personal injury law firms from 1997-2003.  In that experience, he learned how to run a volume-practice of personal injury cases.  In 2003, He moved to Northwest Arkansas to focus on the Spanish-speaking community there.  From 2003 through the present, Ken has combined the lessons that he learned in working for large personal injury law firms, with personalized and customized service that only comes from a solo-practice law firm. 

Today, Ken has expanded his practice and represents all people in Northwest Arkansas.   He has many large settlements and verdicts, but is equally proud of the many smaller cases that he has won for clients who were being taken advantage of by powerful interests aligned against them.  These cases might have been smaller on some scales, but by helping to enforce the rule of law, these cases helped protect the Northwest Arkansas community.

Ken Swindle grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  He graduated from Arkansas State University with a B.A. in political science in 1993.  He then graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law with a J.D. in jurisprudence in 1997.  He is licensed to practice in the State of Arkansas and in the United States Distict Courts in both the Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas.

He lives and works in Rogers, Arkansas and focuses his practice on Personal Injury Law, Tickets, Divorces, Custody and Child Support and Federal Labor Standards Act cases.